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Wake up to the sounds of Madagascar

The Camp

Discover one of the world's most exceptional and remote ecosystems at our off-the-beaten-path camp in the southern region of Madagascar. Immerse yourself in the cultural and biological diversity of this rare and important environment.

Our 7 charming tents blend authentic bush ambiance with high-end comfort, offering a stunning view of the peaceful Mandrare River. Unwind after a day of exploration and create unforgettable memories in one of the most unique places on Earth.

Luxury Safari Tents

Experience the perfect blend of luxury and nature with our seven cosy tents. Drift off to sleep under the stars and wake up to the sounds of Madagascar


Private Decks

Unwind and soak up the breath-taking views from your tents private verandah.


Stylish Bathrooms

You will forget that you're staying in a tent when you step into our spacious and stylishly designed bathrooms.

Lounge with a view

Savor a refreshing Gin and Tonic in our Lounge, while taking in the serene views of the Mandrare River and reflecting on your day's adventures.



Take a break from exploring and relax by the pool. After all, you are on holiday.

Dine Madagascar Style

Enjoy an extraordinary dining experience. Dine in unforgettable locations that tantalise more than just your taste buds. 


Rare and Unique
Spiny Forest

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