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A world like
no other

Namoroka Tsingy Camp

Madagascar, often referred to as the "eighth continent," harbors an astonishing array of unique flora and fauna, much of which is found nowhere else on Earth. Towering baobab trees, vibrant orchids, and the iconic lemurs are just a glimpse of the island's extraordinary biodiversity.

Namoroka National Park in north-western Madagascar is a mesmerising natural wonder, featuring the razor-sharp limestone formations known as Tsingy. Explore awe-inspiring landscapes with narrow canyons, vertical spires, lush forests, and unique flora. The otherworldly beauty of Namoroka Tsingy showcases Madagascar's diverse natural heritage, captivating adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike.



Highlights of Namoroka


• 220 square km of unspoilt national park


• 6 ecosystems: tsingy, over 100 km of caves, dry forest, bamboo forest, riverine forest and wetlands


• 10 lemur species including the Van der Decken’s sifaka and the Aye Aye


• 21 species of bat


• 2 species of carnivore including the fossa


• 10 other mammal species


• Over 100 bird species



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