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Madagascar Classic Collection

Madagascar Classic Collection was founded in 2007 by Edward Tucker Brown with the opening of the Mandrare River Camp as the first high-standard all-inclusive camp in Madagascar.

Exploring and opening up new incredible areas is in Madagascar Classic Collection DNA, and in August 2024 we are excited to be launching our latest camp, Namoroka Tsingy Camp.

By teaming up with local communities and NGO's Madagascar Classic Collection aims to protect, preserve and improve the fragile environments that surround our camps.


In these fragile environments, with traditional cultures and values, eco-tourism is an essential tool to sustainably manage our impact.

Our Camps are fully solar-powered, drawing all electricity and hot water needs from the sun. This helps us contribute to the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and not adding to the pressure of deforestation in Madagascar.

Madagascar Classic Collection makes an ongoing contribution to community projects that help local schools rebuild vital roads and protect local forests through community levies and fees. By working closely with and involving the local population in our areas, we aim to promote environmental protection and strengthen and revive pride in local traditions, culture and the environment.

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