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Mandrare River Camp

As the sun rises over the mountains, the distant singing of local Tandroy women fetching water from the river welcomes you to another day at Mandrare River Camp.

The camp's off the beaten path location, in the remote south of Madagascar, provides exclusive access to one of world’s most unique ecosystems. Experience this rare and important environment up close and immerse yourself in the biological and cultural diversity of Madagascar. 


Our charming tents combine authentic bush flair with the comfort of high-end accommodation. Each of our sites offers a stunning view of the tranquil waters of the Mandrare River and help create the perfect space to relax in after a day of exploring one of the most unique and remote places in Madagascar. 


The Tents

Set overlooking the river and a golden sunrise, our fully equipped, bespoke tents allow you to relax, sleep well, and will inspire your soul.

Each of our seven tents have spacious en-suite bathrooms and are located under the relaxing shade of old-growth tamarind trees. Each tent offers a breathtaking view of the Mandrare River that brings life to the Tandroy people and the arid deserts of southern Madagascar. Each tent is thoughtfully furnished with individually hand carved furniture that represents a unique and native wildlife theme from the surrounding region. Each tent opens onto a large, beautiful terrace that allows for comfortable outdoor seating and the option for private dining. Each of our seven tents offer a fully equipped bathroom with pressurized running hot water, king size bed with mosquito net, wardrobe, luggage compartment, dressing table, bedside tables with lights, and twenty-four hour solar lighting.


The Activities

The Mandrare river flows through one of the most unique and remote biological regions on planet earth, the river makes life possible for countless endemic plants, lemurs, and chameleons. Come and let us show you Madagascar at its most beautiful and truly at its most unique

All activities at Mandrare River Camp are individually tailored to our guests' needs and are included in your stay. Whether you want to rise with the sun and spend a morning in search of rare and endemic birds and diurnal lemurs or wait until the sun sets to walk through the spiny forest to spot mouse lemurs and chameleons, you will be guided through your days by our outstanding and professionally trained guides in English or French. When not in search of rare plants and wildlife, take time to learn about the the life and traditions of the Tandroy people who live in this incredible place.


Ifotaka Sacred Forest is a protected Spiny Forest and home to a variety of wildlife that inhabits the forest and is often visible in the daytime. Due to absence of dangerous predators in Madagascar we are lucky to be able to undertake night walks all over the country and we are privileged to be able to visit an ancient burial forest, which is teaming with wildlife, particularly the famous Ring-tailed lemurs. 


At the wetland area nearby are regularly seen Painted Snipe, Teal, Malachite Kingfisher and various egrets and a morning walk along the river, especially in the dry season can reveal large flocks of Sand Grouse as well as Heron and Egrets.


A beautiful experience and an absolute a must for photographers. A short drive from camp we have a superb vista with over 100 baobabs trees. As the sun sets behind the trees, many guests sit on the top of our vehicles with a refreshing Gin Tonic.


Experience a variety of authentic and educational cultural activities such as visiting a local market in the neighbouring village or one of the schools and catch a glimpse of the original life of the local population.

Main Area

The Main Area

Relax after a day of discovery with a delicious three course dinner on the banks of the Mandrare river. 

Watch the sunset from your tent and then follow the soft glow of hurricane lanterns along the groomed path to the open dining room and enjoy a drink around the campfire and share dinner with the camp host and other guests or if you are seeking some privacy, have dinner brought to your terrace for a more intimate dining experience. 


We gladly arrange to have fresh coffee and tea delivered to your room and each morning you will find a fresh continental breakfast with added seasonal fruits, crepes, eggs, and delicious pastries on offer in the main dining area. Between the activities we serve a rotating barbeque of chicken, beef, and sausage with salads and fresh baked bread on the side. Finish the day with a wonderful three-course meal in our beautiful dining area on the banks of the river. We use only the freshest and finest Malagasy produce, blended in a French style by our excellent chefs. We are happy to take into account any and all food preferences, allergies and dietary restrictions.  We are always happy to arrange for special occasions when planning and preparing meals. All drinks in camp, including imported wines and spirits, are complimentary.


The Location

Madagascar Classic Collection owns two properties in southern Madagascar.

The best way to get to our properties is by using our scheduled charter flights that fly directly from Antananarivo to Mandrare River Camp and then on to Fort Dauphin where you will be met with a 4x4 and taken on to Manafiafy Beach and Rainforest Lodge. Alternatively, you can arrive any day of the week using the Air Tsaradia daily scheduled service to Fort Dauphin. Manafiafy is a three hours’ drive north from Fort Dauphin and our Mandrare River Camp is a four hours’ drive west from Fort Dauphin. 



Across our two properties you can experience seven different ecosystems that include the arid and otherworldly spiny forest of Androy and the beautiful rainforests of the east coast of southern Madagascar. Here you will encounter unique local cultures and can see up to ten species of lemurs, beautiful baobab trees, dozens of rare and endemic birds and spectacular flora throughout your journey. Road transfers between our two properties and Fort Dauphin is included in the cost of your three night stay and takes approximately seven hours. 

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